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I was thrilled to be asked to share a bit about my LA life journey and the Girls. (Yes, the blog Just Deserts is pronounced Just Desserts.)

Here's an excerpt about my novel. Link to full interview below.

"When I started working on the story, I wanted to explore what unhealed trauma looks like in a person’s daily life. I created Dani, a heartbroken woman with an eating disorder who’d given her love and lyrics to help her husband Peter and his band, The Disasters. rise in fame. When we meet Dani, she’s broke, still reeling from their divorce, and writing a blog about killing Peter. She’s a literary assassin! I started thinking “Who else might be reading her blog, Just-Deserts?” (Yes, it’s pronounced desserts). That’s how Red, Peter’s jilted on-again/off-again lover, and Sasha, his backup singer/current wife, were born.

Dani, Red, and Sasha’s lives are told in individual chapters, slowly circling toward each other, until they discover a horrible truth about Peter. This shocking discovery compels them to overcome their differences and take action to stop him.

I was writing the novel when the #MeToo movement broke open wide. The story was headed in that direction, but the courageous voices of women speaking out about predators compelled me to the end.

All the Girls in Town is truly my love letter to the power of united women. I believe in women. May we be seen, heard and believed. I hope that readers find solace and community with my book."

Read the whole VoyageLA interview here.

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