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Hi, I'm Staci. I grew up running wild in the Colorado Rockies. This instilled in me a love for trees, feral cats, writing, hiking, and my Buddhist practice. Everything is interconnected.

My essays and short stories have been published in Brevity, Slate, Lunch Ticket, AFLW, the Same, and the Huff Post, among others. I like writing about the pain of obstacles and the joy of breaking through. I write to encourage myself and others to continue. I write the world I want to see.

My adventure feature The Hero of The World (co-written with Linda Hill) won Best Comedy Script at The Woods Hole Film Festival. My drama feature, TREED based on my novel The Last Great American Housewife, has placed in numerous competitions including Nicholls, PAGE, Cinestory, the Austin Film Festival, Final Draft, and Stowe Writers Lab. My comedy television pilot Bobbi & Olivia (co-written with Joe Gironda) won Best TV Pilot at The Studio City Film Festival.

My novel All the Girls in Town about three smart, sexy, slightly messed-up women who unite to take down a horrible rock star was published by Touch Point Press in July 2022.

In my past life, I played the late Isabella Toscano Black on Days of Our Lives. What a ride it was. Happy to talk about it.

Much to everyone's surprise (especially mine) a couple of years ago, I got married for the first time. Now, I live with my smart handsome husband and one very dopey dog in Southern California.

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