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Greason's prose is precise and darkly comic ... Greason pushes the plot deep into #Me Too territory in a way that gives it unexpected emotional heft ...

A sharp-witted topical novel.


Greason writes that she began working on this novel before the

#MeToo movement began, and her exploration of how and why abusive men remain in power remains timely and infuriating. Fans of School for Good Mothers (2022) by Jessamine Chan, American Housewife (2016) by Helen Ellis, and the film Thelma and Louise will appreciate watching these ladies do what needs to be done.


A rollicking ride of a novel. All the Girls in Town is as hilarious as it is sharply observed. I devoured it.

— Jasmin Darznik, New York Times bestselling author of The Bohemians

What's more intriguing than a woman scorned? Three women scorned in a rock and roll revenge romp. Yet Staci Greason's new novel All the Girls in Town, is about so much more. It's about our dreams, what we do for love, and how friendship can save us. These women are so real and relatable that I wish I could meet them for coffee.

— Leslie Lehr, author of  A Boob's Life: How America's Obsession Shaped Me―and You

All the Girls in Town is a thrill ride of a novel--wryly funny, big-hearted, sexy and knowing. Staci Greason writes with arresting insight about the carnal joys and perennial sorrows of romantic love, but also about friendship and family and the struggle to make sense out of the confounding welter of everyday life. I loved this book.

— Christine Sneed, author of Little Known Facts and The Virginity of Famous Men

A juicy revenge tale with a dose of empowering transformation. Staci Greason’s perfectly drawn characters are women you know, women you want to see reclaim their power.

— Karen McCullah, screenwriter Legally Blonde and author of The Bachelorette Party

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