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The Writer's Journey 5 Questions

Meredith asks great questions! So fortunate to get to dialogue a bit about being a writer.

Meredith: Are you ever frightened of your ideas, or what’s inside you? Does it help to know it – or not really, when it comes to getting the words on the page?

STACI: My artistic life began as an actor and singer. It took time with training and practice, but I’m not one to shy away from difficult ideas or what’s inside of me. The main reason that I decided to focus on writing was the freedom to express myself, not others’ ideas, on the page. I relish it. I love it. Artists have big feelings for a reason. I honestly believe we are the shamans of the tribe. We translate stuff and make life bearable and better.

As a longtime practicing Buddhist, I tend to view things in terms of channeling whatever comes up on the path for a greater HERE to read the full interview.

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