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All the Girls in Town Audiobook 50% Off

Happy Friday...what was it John Lennon said? xo

All the Girls in Town audiobook is currently 50% off through the end of April. CLICK HERE

If you purchase it now, just a heads-up....Tantor Media is working on correcting the mispronunciation of Dani's blog, Just Deserts, in the audio version. So if you hear deserts, just remember it really is spelled deserts BUT pronounced desserts.

For those earnest blog and Goodreads reviewers who've been wrestling with the editor's and my choice:

Merriam Webster: "Despite its pronunciation, just deserts, with one s, is the proper spelling for the phrase meaning "the punishment that one deserves." The phrase is even older than dessert, using an older noun version of desert meaning "deserved reward or punishment," which is spelled like the arid land, but pronounced like the sweet treat."

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