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Staci's Spotlight Interview with TPP author Sarahlynn Bruck

Welcome, Staci! Please tell us about All the Girls in Town.

Three smart, sexy, slightly messed-up women join forces to wreak vengeance on the rock star who destroyed their lives. All the Girls in Town explores the cost of loving the wrong person and the true power of friendship in reclaiming the self.

What sparked the idea for this book?

There were a number of sparks that led to the creation of All the Girls in Town. It first ignited when I had a personal experience about the power of women’s shared stories. Many years ago, I used to write about my dating experiences online. (Never using the person’s real name.) After a particularly terrible breakup, several women whose hearts had also been broken by the same person, reached out to me. They’d heard about the writing through mutual friends.

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