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My Local Indie Love: Bel Canto Books

On independent bookstore day, my honey and I dropped into our favorite hometown bookstore Bel Canto Books located inside The Hangout on 4th street in Long Beach.

You can feel the book love in this creative space within a larger space that also features a plant and ceramics corner, candles and body stuff, as well as a coffee/wine bar with gardening classes out back.

Bel Canto owner Jhoanna Belfer was busy refilling empty spaces on shelves and tables with a wide variety of books and totes and mugs. But she was happy to meet us and hear a bit about All the Girls in Town.

Bel Canto has creative ideas to build community like readers visiting other SoCal bookstores together. I can't wait to hop on this train! They also have several pop-ups, including the local farmer's market and Steel Cup Cafe where they host a monthly bookclub.

Picked up:

The Swimmers, by Julie Otsuka (which my friends say is fantastic!)

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