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Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb

My Q&A with journalist author and blogger Deborah Kalb is up.

Click HERE read the whole shebang. xo

Q: The author Leslie Lehr said of the book, “What's more intriguing than a woman scorned? Three women scorned in a rock and roll revenge romp. Yet Staci Greason’s new about so much more. It's about our dreams, what we do for love, and how friendship can save us.” What do you think of that description?

A: First, I love Leslie Lehr. Her book, A Boob’s Life, is not only an educational and enlightening read, but it’s so much fun. I can’t wait to watch the HBO Max series. Leslie is a positive, dynamic presence in the literary world. A great example of a woman supporting other women.

My book is about more than revenge. Revenge may be what Dani, Red, and Sasha think they need, but ultimately, they realize it won’t help them feel any better. I don’t think revenge does us any good. I believe in justice. And, as a practicing Buddhist, I believe in karma. The law of cause and effect.

I wanted Dani, Red, and Sasha to have rich full lives. It’s why they each get their own chapters until they come together for the big finale. I wanted to explore how they each felt alone in their pain until they met one another.

There’s a story in the Lotus Sutra, a Buddhist text, where a young woman is suffering because she’s lost her child. She, of course, is desolate and grieving. She goes to Shakyamuni Buddha for guidance. He tells her to knock on the door of everyone in her village and share her story. When she does this, others offer compassion by sharing their stories of loss.

Trauma may shape our lives, but it doesn’t have to define who we are and what we’re capable of accomplishing. I wanted to write about the necessity of connection and community in healing.

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