Love & Other Calamities..Introducing Dani

My new novel follows the lives of three smart, sexy, slightly f-cked up women - Dani, Red, and Sasha - who all loved (and were traumatized by) the same musician, Peter.

Dani is Peter's ex-wife. She wrote the song that Peter and his band, The Disasters, rode to #1. And she never received a dime. Or credit. To make matters worse, shortly after, Peter dumped her for Sasha, his drop dead gorgeous backup singer. After their heavily publicized divorce was final, Dani decided to try her OA's sponsors advice: stop shoving donuts down your gullet and journal about the grief and loss.

Within twenty minutes of writing that first entry, Dani had murdered Peter. It was so liberating that she did it every day. Dani shot and stabbed and poisoned her horrible ex until the pages turned into a revenge blog with sixty-one avid followers.

Who knew that Dani Desi Smith was born to be a literary assassin? Who knew that's how she and Red would become friends?

You can read some of Dani's blog entries here:

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