The Do-Over

Once upon a time, I wrote a short story about an elderly couple who get a second chance at being grandparents. It was all about second chances, do-over's, and cancer, and kidnapping across the West. I liked Vi and Frank. I loved the little kid, Rain. Even their fucked up daughter, Stevie, was a favorite.

Also, I love writing about the landscape of my home, the South West.

After the first draft, I got notes and then wrote a second draft, and then a third. After that, I submitted Frank and Vi, Rain and Stevie's story to numerous publications. It was rejected by all.

Two months ago, I dusted it off and sent it to a talent writer friend. He gave me very concise notes. After that, I did another rewrite.

Last month, fifteen years after that first draft, my short story, The Do-Over, was featured in Lunch Ticket!

If anything, I guess the running theme of my life is to...never be defeated. Or as we say in Buddhism, "Winter always turns to Spring." Be very encouraged.

Onward ho!

And Happy 2017!


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