Women Over 50! Guess What?

Falling in love with myself after 50 is the bomb! Lettting go of societal, and internal, pressures about "what should it be like at my age," or what I "should look like." I can't be 34 forever. (Yes, it was a great year for my tits. But they still feel great when my guy loves them.) I don't care anymore!!

Living fully has become the object of my desire. Life is what's happening.

Life! Precious, fleeting, hard, sad, scary, gorgeous and delicious. A treasure. A gift.

No more complaints - achy hands - saggy knees- let's crawl out of bed, put those tired feet on the floor and - ouch! - walk off that plantar fasciitis. It's not like this body is going to suddenly reverse this aging process - we are headed back down into the dirt. Feeding trees.

Until then, and let's hope it isn't today:

Women over 50 - sisters, mothers, grandmothers and aunties, girlfriends, lovers and wives, singles and lonelies and fed-ups and sickies and happy's - GUESS WHAT?

Nobody is watching. Set yourself free!!!!

I'm over the hill....and flying!

Ain't it a gas?!

(PS don't forget to take your probiotics.)

And you can read my piece on "finding true love after 50" from The Huffington Post Valentine's Day edition:

Love, the Final Frontier

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